Wedding Books and Wedding Albums

We don’t tie you into a wedding book or album at KDH. We’re more than happy to photograph the wedding and provide you with the files for you to do your own thing afterwards. However, if you would like a book or an album, we’d love to do one for you, because as well as taking photographs, that’s what we’re good at. We only use the best products available, so initially our books and albums can seem more expensive than others on offer elsewhere. But you get what you pay for. Do beware going down the cheap route of inkjet printed books as their pages will easily mark and fade, as well as warp and fall out after a while. All our wedding books are made in England giving us strict quality and turnaround control. They are designed by the people who shot your wedding – us! Books can be ready 4-6 weeks after approving the design which we send you online. They are the contemporary way to display your wedding photography.