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Wedding Photography Buxted Park East Sussex

We’ve been ever so lucky lately working with cool and laid-back couples, and yesterday was no exception with Sally and Rob from Brighton. The sun shone (deservedly) on them and it was a very smooth and easy day, enjoyed by all. Pollen, once again, pulled out the most amazing flowers that seemed to be everywhere you looked. We wish them both a great life together and hope their heads weren’t hurting too much this morning. Cheers guys.

Wedding photography Buxted Park East Sussex

It was a bit nippy but it stayed dry for Alex and Mike at Buxted Park East Sussex recently. A great time was had by all and we wish them both a very happy future. Fab dress!!

Buxted Park Wedding Photography

…and the award for the best cake of 2009 goes to this little number which starred of the wedding of Mandy and Philip Tagney who got married at Buxted Park East Sussex. A great day for us at KDH Photo with many great photo opportunities including white doves, white feathers, white ties and a great bunch of people.

Wedding Photography at Buxted Park Hotel, East Sussex

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Wedding Photography at Buxted Park

Bridesmaids at Buxted Park, East Sussex

Confetti, Buxted Park, East Sussex

a sussex wedding photograph of bride and groom under confetti

Buxted Park Wedding Fair, East Sussex

The snow, the rain and other nasties stayed away from the Buxted Park Wedding Fair in East Sussex this weekend and a good turnout was in evidence. Potential clients were greeted by top Toastmaster  Alan Riddick and shown round the rest of the hotel by the Buxted Park wedding team. Awards for Sharp Dressed Man went to Leo Ferenc from Perfect Day Studios, Tastiest Freebie to Elegant Cakes, Pollen picked up Best flowers, Amaryllis got the Event Dressing award, and KDH Photo walked away with…

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